Spring is all around us and it’s a lively time to be in New Orleans … the festivals, the crawfish, the sunshine! To celebrate we’ve introduced a new seasonal blend to the pour over menu – Spring Fling! This blend captures the vibrancy and liveliness of two of our favorite coffees – Kanzu (Rwanda) and Galeras (Colombia) – which together create a spirited, sparkling coffee with floral notes and hints of peach, berries and light honey.

We’re also debuting Inza, a beautiful Colombian coffee with a sugarcane sweetness, notes of plum and a juicy mouthfeel. Our full coffee lineup is below. As always, we’ll also rotate through each of these coffees on the espresso bar!

Spring Fling (Blend)
Peach, raspberry, delicate and floral
Blend: Kanzu, Rwanda, and Galeras, Colombia
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra and Castillo

Inza (Colombia)
Floral, juicy, sugarcane and plum
Region: Inza, Cauca
Variety: Typica and Caturra

Galeras (Colombia)
Floral, cherry juice, apricot and tea
Region: Pasto, Narino
Variety: Caturra and Castillo

Lucas Melo (Colombia)
Tropical fruit, sugarcane, syrupy and mixed berries
Region: El Tambo, Narino
Variety: Caturra and Castillo

Kanzu (Rwanda)
Sweet, stone fruit, tomato jam and spice
Region: Nyamasheke
Variety: Bourbon

All coffees are roasted with love by our friends at Madcap Coffee.