We’re excited to introduce Kiryama, a beautiful coffee from roughly 3,500 small landowners in Butaganzwa, Kayanza, in North Central Burundi. Kiryama is comprised of Bourbon and Bourbon-derived varietals (Jackson, Mibirizi) that predominate the coffee production in Burundi. The variety, along with the terrior of the area, produces a sweet cup, and the meticulous processing results in a super clean profile.

Kiryama (Burundi)
Plum, blackberry and lavender
Region: Kayanza
Variety: Bourbon, Jackson and Mibirizi

Coffees from Burundi have received much acclaim in recent years. A relatively small country located just south of Rwanda, Burundi’s primary export is coffee production. In the past decade the strides of Burundi in specialty coffee production have been outstanding, and this coffee roasted by Madcap Coffee Co. is no exception. We’ll have Kiryama around for a short time and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.