The folks at The Gambit have a nice feature of Mammoth Espresso. Writer Will Coviello highlights our Seraphim pour over bar, as well as the attention to detail we put into our tea program.

“Mammoth uses Seraphim brewing system, which brews individual cups to order in three minutes in a fashion similar to pour-over coffee. The staff also pays close attention to teas, steeping different teas at appropriate temperatures and times”

In fact, our Seraphim system is a pour over, it’s simply automated and custom dialed to bring you the perfect cup of coffee, each and every time.

We’re particularly happy to have our tea program highlighted. We don’t mention this enough, but every tea (that’s 15 unique teas) on our menu is dialed in according to: a) dose, b) water temperature and c) steep time.

Mammoth Espresso Coffeehouse Opens in the Warehouse District