We had some terrific coverage from the New Orleans Advocate, including Jonathan’s hand pouring our Mammoth Espresso Tonic on the front page!! Whoo! It was a great feature, and it touched on some important points that we’ve been putting out there for a while.

“According to Jonathan Riethmaier, the owner of Mammoth Espresso and co-founder of the New Orleans Barista Social Club, these clients favor cafes that allow the wealth to trickle down to the farmer who grows the coffee beans — an attitude that improves farming communities and the quality of coffee.”

It’s true, we love to talk about where coffee comes from and how that plays a part in the cost to the consumer. We have a high standard for how the growing communities are impacted by the coffee we serve, and we believe that coffee production must be environmentally and financially sustainable.

The Advocate also sheds light on the Mammoth Espresso name:

“Even though espresso is a minuscule drink, it can be a really big deal,” said Riethmaier. The shop’s moniker is based on this seeming paradox.

Not craft cocktails or fine wines, but specialty coffee, new shops rapidly growing in New Orleans