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Urban Outfitters recently opened its New Orleans location, and with it, the fashion chain published a guide to some of the best food, drink and culture New Orleans has to offer.

On Mammoth Espresso:

If you’re looking for an excellent espresso that will knock your socks off but the barista won’t make you feel dumb for not knowing that your Ethiopian bean is lemony and acidic, then this is your place. Also a spot to get some work done if you’re looking to stay for awhile.

Check out the full OU blog here.

Photo via Urban Outfitters

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Maria Zagat

Zagat has released its first-ever “30 Under 30” list for the New Orleans market, and we’re beyond thrilled to have Mammoth’s Maria Degtiarenko holding down the barista spot amid a field of rockstars in the Nola food and beverage scene.

From the front of the house, to behind the bar and inside the kitchen, these young superstars are at the front lines of one of the most exciting food scenes in the country.

Maria has been killing it from opening day, and we’re proud to have her talents recognized here in New Orleans, a city with such a rich history in food and drink. In addition to preparing awesome beverages, Maria plays an important role in ensuring Mammoth delivers a consistent, high level customer experience.

Read the full write-up at, then swing by to have Maria craft a drink for you!

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Thrillist has published its assessment of the Best Coffee Shops in New Orleans, a list which features your friends here at Mammoth Espresso.

Mammoth Espresso’s sleek, retro-modern, family-friendly, high-quality coffee bar. With beans from Madcap Coffee, pastries from Scout Bakery, and Jonathan’s excellent technique, this is a place you’ll be going back to.

The full list features several mainstays of the New Orleans coffee scene. As the newest local coffee shop on the list, we’re really pleased to be featured alongside a great lineup of businesses.

The Best Coffee Shops in New Orleans

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Wake up nola is a terrific resource for where to eat, what to drink and who to see around New Orleans, and staff writer Mike Crimmins is a former coffee blogger who knows a thing or two about serious coffee. He recently had this to say about Mammoth Espresso:

Mammoth Espresso is the secret that I almost don’t want anyone else to know about. This is a hidden gem, and I want it all for myself. But I’ll share. They have a laid back, modern space with spots to sit with friends or stand while you enjoy your shot of espresso. Speaking of espresso, they’re currently using beans from Madcap coffee and know how to create a high-quality drink.

Java Jolt: Third Wave Coffee in New Orleans

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On Thursday, May 19, Mammoth Espresso hosted a latte art competition, inviting baristas from around the New Orleans coffee scene to show up and have some fun and put their talents to the test. Todd Price, a food writer for and The Times-Picayune, came out and shot some great video of the event.

Watch the video below and read an accompanying article at the link, both of which feature input from our very own Jonathan Riethmaier.

NOLA Baristas Compete to Make Prettiest Latte Art

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This week, Where Ya’t covered Mammoth Espresso in their April Food News feature. The coverage focused on our mission, to create the absolute best espresso, coffee and tea that we can, and to do it in a friendly and approachable way without a trace of pretension.

April Food News

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Just open for mere weeks, Mammoth Espresso finds itself in good company on’s coffee heat map! goes so far as to call Mammoth a “heavy hitter” and says our “tea program is one of the best in town.” Thanks Eater!

Where to Drink Coffee in New Orleans Right Now

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Espresso Tonic

We had some terrific coverage from the New Orleans Advocate, including Jonathan’s hand pouring our Mammoth Espresso Tonic on the front page!! Whoo! It was a great feature, and it touched on some important points that we’ve been putting out there for a while.

“According to Jonathan Riethmaier, the owner of Mammoth Espresso and co-founder of the New Orleans Barista Social Club, these clients favor cafes that allow the wealth to trickle down to the farmer who grows the coffee beans — an attitude that improves farming communities and the quality of coffee.”

It’s true, we love to talk about where coffee comes from and how that plays a part in the cost to the consumer. We have a high standard for how the growing communities are impacted by the coffee we serve, and we believe that coffee production must be environmentally and financially sustainable.

The Advocate also sheds light on the Mammoth Espresso name:

“Even though espresso is a minuscule drink, it can be a really big deal,” said Riethmaier. The shop’s moniker is based on this seeming paradox.

Not craft cocktails or fine wines, but specialty coffee, new shops rapidly growing in New Orleans

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We were happy to have hosted the Times-Picayune/ to introduce our shop and concept to their readers. The Times-Picayune’s food writer, Todd Price, calls us a “serious coffee shop” and the “latest destination for quality caffeination.” The article also gives a nice nod to our tea program, which we believe to be among the best in New Orleans.

Also, the photos are gorgeous!

5 Facts About Mammoth Espresso

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The folks at The Gambit have a nice feature of Mammoth Espresso. Writer Will Coviello highlights our Seraphim pour over bar, as well as the attention to detail we put into our tea program.

“Mammoth uses Seraphim brewing system, which brews individual cups to order in three minutes in a fashion similar to pour-over coffee. The staff also pays close attention to teas, steeping different teas at appropriate temperatures and times”

In fact, our Seraphim system is a pour over, it’s simply automated and custom dialed to bring you the perfect cup of coffee, each and every time.

We’re particularly happy to have our tea program highlighted. We don’t mention this enough, but every tea (that’s 15 unique teas) on our menu is dialed in according to: a) dose, b) water temperature and c) steep time.

Mammoth Espresso Coffeehouse Opens in the Warehouse District

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